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ATTENTION: This game was made for Android. To play the game got to PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LittleLeo.SuperBlender
and download the game on your Android.

Super Blender is our hero, a blender who got SUPER POWERS from a RADIOATIVE METEORE that fell right up on the house that he'd lived. Inside this meteore was the MULTICOLOR GEM. That gem fell right inside the blender, now its attached to his chest. This event caused a really strong gem rain. Those gems are a really powerfull source of energy, capable of releasing a huge amount of radioative energy, called JUICE POWER. Only our hero, using his new powers, can break them, blend them and throw them as a JUSTICE JUICE, using his multicolor gem fixed on his chest.

Unfortunately, when the meteore fell, it gave minipowers to others objects in that residence. Now they want to kill him desperately to get the power of the MULTICOLOR GEM. Fortunately they can't use the JUSTICE JUICE, but, be careful, because this does'nt make them less dangerous!

The players objective is to combine the colors of the gems and shoot at the enemy, with the JUSTICE JUICE, matching its color. But attention! You always need 2 gems to activate the wonderfull juicy powers!

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